Behavior Identification and Change

Winning Colors® will change the way you think about yourself and others forever.
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Winning Colors® -  is unique. It helps you understand your preferred and non-preferred behaviors in a matter of minutes. Increasing our awareness of our behavior, and that of others, allows us to be more effective, more productive.

Winning Communications

So many things in business and the workplace depend on clear, non ambiguouscommunication. Most of us think we are good communicators, yet miscommunication and incorrect implementation of instructions occur regularly in the workplace.

Winning Teams

Building effective teams involves improving team performance, raising morale and creating highly motivated staff members. The ability to successfully manage a cohesive, happy and high-performing team will consistently help you achieve your organisation’s required goals.

Winning Productivity


The modern workplace is a busy place. Improvements in technology were supposed to make organisations more efficient and effective. The latest research shows that we are working in an environment where:
- we are conducting and attending  unproductive meetings,
- we are drowning in emails,
- we are experiencing increased interruptions and distractions,
- there is inadequate planning and supervision.

Winning Performance

In a lot of workplaces, when all is said and done, more is said than done. A contributing factor to poor execution and failing to make things happen is our inability to examine issues properly, identify a desired course of action and make decisions to move forward. Winning Performance examines how people identify what needs to happen to make their business effective, sustainable and successful and explores how Winning Colors® can help participants understand specific behaviors in managing performance and how those behaviors can be harnessed to improve team and individual effectiveness.

Winning Change

Do people really resist change, or is it the management of the change process that they struggle with? It’s hard to mount an argument that people don’t cope with change when you consider how much the world has changed even since the invention of the internet. Maybe it’s more an issue of imposed versus shared change that determines successful implementation of change initiatives.

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