Winning Teams

Taking time to reflect on how teams are functioning and individual contributions to team effectiveness is always a positive exercise

Winning Teams examines the effectiveness of teams and explores how Winning Colors® can help participants understand specific behaviors in teams and how those behaviors can be harnessed to improve team performance.

The one day program content includes:

  • Teams and Groups
  • Team Culture and values,
  • Effective and ineffective teams,
  • Common problems in teams,
  • Stages of team development,
  • Motivation,
  • Examining the “I” in team, and
  • Developing practical actions to improve individual and team effectiveness.
  • Winning Colors® , a fantastic behavioural understanding concept which helps participants understand themselves and others better.

This course is conducted at 1st Floor, 33 Heatherdale Rd

Ringwood or at worksites, if the venue and numbers are sufficient, to conduct the course.

Course Fees

$440 per person including GST

Fees include participant workbook, one set of cards and a booklet “Be the Ultimate Communicator”

Please contact Michael McQuillen on 0403379396 or to discuss your needs and interest.