About Us

The Winning Colors® series uses the work of Stefan Neilsen to apply situational behaviour concepts to every day management issues – communication, team dynamics, time, meeting and self management, implementation and key management functions.

Stefan graduated from Columbia University, New York with a Masters Degree in Psychology and through a lifetime of research and reflection has developed a fantastically simple way to understand human behaviour.

Winning Colors® is based on the premise that all people have the ability to draw on four main behaviours – planning and thinking; leadership and decision making. relating and feeling; action and challenges – and that we all have behavioural preferences which may be stronger in some than others. Everyone has the capacity to bring up different behaviours in various situations. We are the sum of all our four behaviours.

Winning Colors® helps people improve their communication, understand themselves and others better, improve team effectiveness, stimulate motivation and manage themselves and others better. It can lead to real meaningful change in behaviour by identifying a behaviour and putting in processes to change that behaviour to get a result.

Winning Colors® aims to achieve behavioural change and recognises that people can change their behaviour to match the ever changing business environment.

Winning Colors® does not stereotype people, but rather focuses on improving the way people interact. With knowledge of present behaviours one can choose to reinforce existing behaviours or develop new ones according to one’s personal goals.

Winning Colors® will change the way you think about and understand yourself and others forever.

Winning Colors® is unique in Australia and New Zealand and can only be delivered by Michael McQuillen and accredited facilitators.

The courses are conducted at a training facility at 1st Floor, 33 Heatherdale Rd

Ringwood or at worksites, if the venue and numbers are sufficient, to conduct the course.

Please contact Michael McQuillen on 0403379396 or michael@winningcolors.com.au to discuss your needs and interest.